Summer Tutoring


Math Tutoring

  • Our 12-week, SUMMER SESSION is an excellent opportunity for students in 5th-10th grade to REVIEW critical math concepts from the previous year and/or GET A JUMP START on the new material which will be covered in the coming fall. This helps students BEGIN THE NEW YEAR WITH CONFIDENCE!
  • During the summer, MATH TUTORING can also be COMBINED with a focus on STUDY SKILLS and ACADEMIC MOTIVATION in a variety of ways. (See below.)
  • Summer is a great time for 11th and 12th grade students to focus on MATH for SAT PREP, either before their initial test or to do a retest in the fall.
  • It is possible for students to ONLY receive tutoring in the summer session to help them prepare for fall. (We usually have more opportunities for new students to start at this time.)
  • Students sign up for the FULL 12-week session, usually for one hour each week. Appointments missed because of family vacations are RESCHEDULED on a different week.

Study Skills & Academic Motivation

  • Our TRANSFORMATION! SERIES is designed to provide 7th-10th grade students with a solid foundation of motivational support and study skills tools for experiencing success in their academic classes
  • This study skills series is divided into TWO COURSES: PART 1: Developing the Motivation and Mindset for Academic Success and PART 2: SOAR Study Skills
  • PART 1 can be incorporated into a portion of your regular summer math tutoring appointment each week. 
  • PART 2 can be covered as a study skills unit in about 8 weeks at the start of the 12-week session, and then conclude the summer with a few weeks math tutoring to get a good start on new fall classes. 
  • See the STUDY SKILLS page for details about these two courses.