Math Tutoring



Is your child confused, frustrated or struggling with math? Is your child doing OK with math, but would like to excel and enjoy it more at the same time? SUCCESSFUL YOU! Math Tutoring can help! 

  • Individualized, professional math tutoring outside the traditional classroom setting can provide the extra attention that is needed to experience academic success!
  • As an experienced, certified teacher, I provide personalized, professional tutoring!
  • Upon graduating from GVSU, I received awards as the Outstanding Student in both Elementary Education (K-8) and Group Science/Math Emphasis.
  • I "get" math, I understand it, and I enjoy it! I ALSO know how to help students of all ages gain confidence, succeed and EXCEL in math!
  • We use hands-on materials and research-based methods to make learning math a fun experience!
  • Did you know the majority of today's high-demand, high-wage jobs require strong math and thinking skills?
  • Call now to begin customized tutoring to get your child on track to a bright future!


SAT Test Math Prep

Math tutoring assistance focused on test prep for the SAT test is also available throughout the year.

  • Many students desire tutoring assistance in preparing before their initial SAT test or before taking a retest. This is available during the academic year or over the summer.
  • We specialize in helping students prepare for the 2 math sections of the SAT.
  • Students can either utilize the free online SAT prep practice test material or independently purchase the current Kaplan SAT Total Prep book to prepare for both of the math sections with our tutoring support, as well as the other sections of the test on their own.
  • The more personal effort a student is able to invest between their tutoring sessions, the more they will improve their score.  
  • Example: One of our regular math tutoring students purchased the Kaplan SAT Total Prep book to review for an SAT retest. They received individualized SAT math tutoring support for questions they struggled with in the SAT prep book. They reported that their SAT score increased 100 points, and they earned a $30,000 scholarship to college.

During the Academic Year

Our tutoring specialty is middle school math through high school mathematics (5th grade through trigonometry) which is customized to the lessons your child is doing in school. 

  • Stats and Pre-calculus is also available for BCPS students.
  • Tutoring is available during the early afternoon for students enrolled in beginning college math courses and home school math programs.

During the Summer

Our SUMMER TUTORING session is an excellent opportunity for students in 5th-10th grades to review critical math concepts from the previous year and/or get a jump start on the new material which will be covered in the coming fall.

  • This helps students begin the new school year with confidence!
  • During the summer, math tutoring can also be combined with a focus on study skills and academic motivation. See the STUDY SKILLS and SUMMER TUTORING pages for additional information.