Rates & General Information


Tutoring Rates

  • The tutoring rate is $35/hour for one student to attend personalized, one-to-one tutoring sessions.
  • The two study skills programs each require an extra one-time $30 fee to cover the additional costs of the materials involved. (However, we are currently covering this additional cost of providing the Part 1 course for you.)
  • Math SAT prep can either print their own copies at home of the free online SAT test prep materials or students can purchase their own copy of Kaplan SAT Total Prep workbook to use during tutoring and at home.
  • Regular math tutoring generally does not require an additional fee, but there may be exceptions.
  • Links to many helpful, free, online resources are available on our ADDITIONAL RESOURCES page. 

General Tutoring Information

  • Students receive one-on-one tutoring.
  • Some parents pay for each tutoring session separately at the time of the appointment, if meeting once-per-week. OR, others may choose to pay for multiple sessions at one time, on the first session your child attends each week or the first session of the  month.
  • Checks should be written to SUCCESSFUL YOU! or SUCCESSFUL YOU! Educational Services. You may also pay by cash, if you prefer. (If you pay by cash, it is helpful if you put your payment in an envelope with your name.)
  • Appointments are scheduled for one hour. Students are scheduled to start the beginning of each hour.
  • It's OK if you arrive a few minutes early; just come in and sit down. If you arrive late, the appointment will still end at the regular time, because the next student will need to get started at their reserved time.
  • Students need me to be ready and available as their tutor at a specific time each week. I also need all students to attend their appointments consistently as well.
  • Because there are limited appointments possible each day to schedule tutoring sessions after school, it is especially important that all tlhe available tutoring appointment times are consistently utilized.
  • When you reserve a particular tutoring appointment, I've saved this regular time in my schedule for you, whether or not you use it.
  • Because of these factors, a CANCELLATION/RESCHEDULING POLICY as been adopted to help encourage consistency in attendance. PLEASE TAKE TIME TO READ THIS POLICY LISTED BELOW BEFORE YOU BEGIN TUTORING.  THANK YOU!

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

  • The following policy helps provide me with the consistency needed to be able to offer personalized, quality, math tutoring services for your son or daughter.
  • No long-term commitments are required. However, by reserving a tutoring time slot, you are indicating that you are committing to regular, weekly tutoring at that itme, until you no longer need tutoring services. (Summer tutoring is an available OPTION that runs for the FULL SUMMER.)
  • To reserve a regular tutoring appointment, payment is required for your time-slot whether or not you choose to utilize your scheduled appointment each week.
  • Payment for a missed session will be required the next time you attend a tutoring session, whether or not you were able to make it up at another time. (You can always choose to cancel and pay for a missed session at any time.)
  • Please let me know AS SOON AS you are aware of any UNAVOIDABLE SCHEDULE CONFLICTS, such as wehn students receive SEASON SCHEDULES of required events for sports teams or band/choir concerts. When you have an unavoidable schedule conflict, IF you notify me at least 48 hours before your cancelled session, I will attempt to reschedule a "make-up" tutoring session at the closest available time. Although I require 48-hours as a minimum cancellation time in order to reschedule, I would greatly appreciate receiving much more advanced notice when there is a schedule conflict, such as a week or two, so adequate time is allowed for facilitating schedule adjustments. I need advanced notice in order to have enough time to make arrangements for another student to use the appointment you had reserved, if they desire. (If your child participates in sports, it is helpful to try to find alternative appointments for potential schedule conflicts at the beinning of the season.) (If your child has a SEVERE ILLNESS, like the STOMACH FLU, we WILL RESCHEDULE. I will also try to reschedule appointments when a required event has been rescheduled due to weather.)
  • PLEASE NOTE: My tutoring schedule is full, and I'm UNABLE to ACCOMMODATE AVOIDABLE SCHEDULE CONFLICTS, like STUDENT JOBS, even if you give me advanced notice. Students should let their employers know that they are unable to work when they are already scheduled for their tutoring appointment (including babysitting). Please plan to have the regular tutoring apointment take priority in the student's personal schedule over part-time jobs.
  • If a student FORGETS TO SHOW UP to their appointment, they will need to pay for the missed session without rescheduling it. (I usually try to call you 5 minutes after your appointment starts when I student is late to make sure you are on the way, but I'm not always able to reach you to do this.)
  • Currently the following times are the make-up appointments that are built into the schedule: Monday at 8 pm, Wednesday at 8 pm, and Saturday at 9 am. (This year it is Wednesday, instead of the regular Thursday make-up.) Often additional appointment times open up because of other students' schedule changes.
  • Make-up times that work for you can be difficult to arrange, so it is important that you choose a regular tutoring time that works well with your schedule. (**If a tutoring session is repeatedly rescheduled, your appointment time may be given to another student who desires it.)
  • EXCEPTIONS TO THE REGULAR SCHEDULE: During spring break (for 1 week) and Christmas vacation (for 2 weeks) appointments will be cancelled wihtout payment or rescheduling. If additional vacation time is desired, that appointment will need to be rescheduled. THIS SCHOOL YEAR, the WINTER BREAK for tuoring will be from Saturday, Dec. 21- Friday, Jan. 3. During SPRING BREAK, the weekday appointments are cancelled, and the first weekend of Saturday appointments are cancelled. Tutoring will resume on the 2nd Saturday of spring break. During THANKSGIVING week, students that usually meet twice-a-week will noly meet once. Students that usually meet once-a-week will still meet as schedule, or a make-up appointment can be arranged
  • PLEASE DO NOT ASSUME THAT TUTORING IS CANCELED JUST BECAUSE THE SCHOOL IS CLOSED ONE DAY. This EVEN TRUE ON SNOW DAYS, because the roads are typically much better later in the day after the sun comes out and plows have gotten through, so if there is a snow day we are still scheduled to meet at the regular time. If the roads are still do dangerous to drive later in the day at their appointmen time, we can reschedule, but it may not be a convenient time, and likely on Saturday. If they need to reschedule on a different day that school is out, please ask to do this ahead of time. 
  • (I will notify you if the regular appointment time needs to be changed, otherwise assume we are meeting as planned.)
  • CANCELLATIONS DURING SUMMER TUTORING: Summer tutoring is an available option Families often go on vacation during the summer; however, the regular cancellation policy will still apply for those students who choose to participate in the summer tutoring program (usually 12 weeks). Payment for your missed session will be required by your next appointment, whether or not you choose to make it up. Make-up appointments are usually scheduled during the week before or after your vacation.