Study Skills & Academic Motivation


SUCCESSFUL YOU! Transformation! Series

Our Transformation! Series helps students reprogram their thinking and study patterns for success! 

  • Students are encouraged to improve their study skills and strategies, as well as develop academic motivation and a positive, growth mindset.
  • Although middle school math through high school mathematics is our primary tutoring specialty, assistance can be provided for improving study skills and learning test-taking strategies.
  • The Transformation! Series is designed to provide 7th-10th grade students with a solid foundation of motivational support and study skills tools for experiencing success in their academic classes. 
  • Part 1 and Part 2 are available in a variety of options during the summer tutoring session. (See the SUMMER TUTORING page for details.)
  • Even though the formal Transformation! Series is only available during the summer session, all math tutoring during the school year is presented in a way to encourage students to develop positive study skills and a growth mindset in all their subjects!

Part 1: Developing the Motivation and Mindset for Academic Success

Teaches students how the brain works, so they can learn to use it more effectively.

  • Helps students understand why the wrong mindset leads to academic frustration, and the right mindset actually empowers them to be a successful student.
  • Introduces students to the fundamentals of effective learning strategies and study skills.
  • Utilizes the research-based Brainology curriculum and online program on the MindsetWorks website.
  • We are currently providing the student materials utilized in this program at no additional fee.

Part 2: SOAR Study Skills

Teaches students specific study skills and organizational techniques which they can apply to a variety of courses.

  • Utilizes SOAR Study Skills: A simple and efficient system for earning better grades in less time workbook and curriculum.
  • SOAR stands for: Set goals, Organize, Ask questions and Record your progress.
  • Topics included in the workbook: time and task-management; goal-setting; paper organization; homework and project planning; reading skills; organizing at home and school; note-taking strategies; test-taking strategies; communication skills; and writing strategies.
  • Additional materials fee of $30 for workbook and materials.

Academic Motivation Through Career Education

Having a career goal for tomorrow will help you be more SUCCESSFUL in school today!

  • We often discuss some of the career readiness concepts listed in the section below information with students during their regular math tutoring sessions when their questions arise. 
  • We both have experience in this area. Ken is actually working as a career outreach coordinator for several Michigan middle schools and high schools. (See the More About Us page for details.)
  • We highly encourage parents to read the bottom portion of this page and explore these career related areas at home with their children.

Motivation through Career Education


TWO IMPORTANT QUESTIONS all students should be asking and seeking to answer:

  • Does what I do in school really matter?
  • What steps can I take to reach my dream career?


We often discuss some of these career readiness concepts informally with students during their regular tutoring sessions.

We highly encourage parents to explore these career related areas at home with their children.


Middle school is actually a great time to start doing this.  It is NOT too early!

Even though their career goal may change many times before and after they graduate, having a career goal now will help them focus and be more successful in school.


 What careers are a good match for me?

  • There are powerful, web-based, career research tools available that help students identify careers that match their interests. 
  • Some of these online tools can also help you explore these other career concepts.


 What things are important for me to think about when I choose a career?

  • Job descriptions
  • Working conditions 
  • Employment outlook and locations
  • Earnings
  • Required education


After students have identified a few careers they think might be good for them, encourage them to to take a closer look:

  • Take a short onsite tour/visit
  • Arrange a job shadow for day
  • Interview someone in the field with prepared questions they would still like answered
  • Older students could request a non-paid internship 
  • Get a part-time job as close to the field as possible, so they are exposed to the field
  • These steps may help students confirm or rule out possible career goals, as well as give them related job experience for the future.


More coming soon! 


More coming soon!


More coming soon!


More coming soon!


 Skills needed for getting jobs:

  • Search for jobs
  • Write Resume and Cover Letters
  • Effective Interview


Soft skills important for keeping jobs:

  • Punctuality
  • Work ethic
  • Friendly and positive attitude